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SHIRIKI Program  (share in swahili)

Objective: Improving nutrition and health and supporting girls’ education.


  • Construction of a kitchen
  • Food hygiene and nutrition trainings
  • Educational vegetable garden (vegetables and fruits)
  • Garden club and Cooking club

Location: Kenya, Samburu County, Maralal.

Duration: 2022/2023

Local partners: Deputy Governor Samburu County, Dr Joséphine Kulea.

Financial partners: GHA, ES, OC La Région, AVIVA.

Project status: ON GOING

It was no longer possible to leave cooking in these conditions for so many children. The request was not only the construction of a solid kitchen with an installation required for communities, but also to reduce the consumption of wood and the harmful fumes it generates. The improvement of the vegetable garden and the installation of biogas energy are part of the process of improving the nutritional health of all the young girls in the centre. Sometimes they are up to 300. Training and the creation of 2 Clubs, one for gardening and the other for cooking, will allow girls to learn how to cook with basic hygiene rules as well as to be able to recreate a vegetable garden later in order to ensure a food security for their families.



APRIL/ MAY 2022: Work begins with the installation of the BIOGAS system

This process will make it possible to use “clean” energy which will replace gas and therefore the purchase and use of cylinders. A person from the center is trained in its maintenance.

This is a process that is not common in the Maralal region. This will be an example for other communities.

The work of building the kitchen is somewhat delayed by political events. indeed the presidential elections monopolize everyone and the country is a little in slow motion.

End of 2022: Kitchen construction work

At the beginning of 2023, the interior work continues: