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Objectiv :  Food emergency

Specific objective: Urgent support of a population in times of famine, in villages in Samburu territory, more than 36 families.

Location: North Kenya, Samburu County, main villages Lerata and Sereolini.

Duration: August/Sept 2020

Local partners: Deputy Governor of County Samburu, NGO partner Nomad Doctors.

Financial partners: GHA

Description of activities: Purchase and distribution of basic foodstuffs and distribution to at least 300 people for 1 meal per day for 2 months.

Project status: COMPLETED

Situation Summary: July 2020

Following the field visit of our local partner in Kenya the NGO Nomade Doctors Initiative and at the request of the medical coordinator of this area, 36 families in two villages were found to be in a situation of survival and food aid had to be organised as an emergency.

In two villages in northern Kenya, in Samburu County, these families from the nomadic communities of Samburu and Pokot live.  The majority of the inhabitants are women and children. On average, families have between 5 and 10 members, more than half of whom are young children.

Every year, before the start of the drought season, men must leave for months until the next rains with herds of cows and sheep. They leave women and children behind. Families must then live on only the few incomes of tourism. Women sell beaded necklaces and handcrafted wooden pieces.  This year, the invasion of desert locusts, pushed men to leave much earlier.

Today the situation is serious because the global pandemic has affected tourism and no one is passing through this area. There is no income to buy a bit of basic food, and hunger sets in. Breastfeeding women are too weak and have no milk.   The Kenyan government is overwhelmed by the growing Covid-19 outbreak. The families in the villages of Lerata and Sereolipi are condemned if we do not act quickly.

GHA responds to this request and organizes a collection. Purchasing and distribution will be organised by our local partner and field manager GHA as soon as possible.

August 2020: 

The mobilization of members and friends of Gazelle Harambee made it possible to collect enough to fill the 4×4 with food.

Early in the morning, distribution began in villages where the situation is most critical. The food was transported in 4x4s and bags of corn, beans, oil and soap as well as powdered milk were shared for each family. Our manager was assisted by the Deputy Governor himself, who came to lend a hand.