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Objective: Empowrement of the women

Object: Give 10 goats to a 10 women’s group and to 

start an animal micro-credit

Localization: Kenya, Kajiado County, Kimana. 3 Communities

Duration : Marsch 2012 

Partners : MHI, responsables of communities.

Description of activities : Trainings, goats purchase , distribution, visits .

Status of the project :COMPLETED

These last years, drought periods more and more common and during long time, triggered big losses in the Kenya ‘s herds. The consequences have been dramatics. The most lucky have been able to reorganize, little by little, their livestock, buying animals outside the boundaries, but a lot stayed in an appaling status, in particular, poorest and hurtable people.

We chosen to help widows’ women having to take care of a lot of children. In three communities, we set up, with local’s responsible, an animal micro-credit project.

Women receive a goat, after following an information course on the project, then when their goat give birth to a young goat, this one, will be offer to another family identified as vulnerable and so on and so forth.

When the chain is over in a community, the last animals are used to start another project in another community.

Veterinary care will be provided, the replacement of a sterile goat too, and the sold of a male baby to change it to a female is also planed. Visits and a regular control are assured by MHI. The benefice is rapidly measurable, children have milk, the surplus capicities can be solded. A small livestock is set up, but, i will stay very limited does not indice negative impact on the environment.