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Goal: Reduce child and maternal mortality

Subject: Renovate and change medical equipment

Location: Benin, Porto Novo Region. Djegou Djedje

Duration: 2017

Local partners: AJEDD, Head of the clinic

Financial Partners: GHA, Surgeon Fish Charity

Description of activities: Purchase of a birthing table, 4 medical bedsteads, a solar kit and repair of the incinerator.

Project status: IN PROGRESS

The Djégou Djédjé clinic is the treatment center for 4 villages, of more than a thousand people each.

All care and especially deliveries take place here. The midwife also takes care of the vaccination campaign.

During our visit, she asked us for help because the equipment was no longer operational.

GHA has provided a beautiful new delivery table and 4 medical mattresses, a kit of 3 solar lights and the repair of the essential incinerator.