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FEBRUARY 2013 Water for Riza community

The project ” Water Riza ” is ready(in position).

The community of Riza is finally going to be able to manage its drinkable water consumption.
The new network is installed(settled), the work of the women will be considerably simplified.

The first objective of this project is of ease the water conveyance for this isolated community of 700 persons, situated in the dry semi region of Amboséli.




She(It) has benefited from a drilling by the AMREF. (NGO)((NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION)) not long ago, but two problems settle(arise). The Pump is not protected from the elephants and its pressure is too strong. The women in charge of the collection of the water have a lot of difficulty using him(it) and the water is wasted at the exit(release) of the conduit during the filling of jerry cans.




The community also invested(surrounded) in the purchase of a generator to activate(sue) the pump in a mechanical way and he either is neither protected from the sun nor the elephants and his(her,its) daily use uses(wears out) the material(equipment).





The community asked us to help them to build a shelter hard to protect the installations and set up a tank with water which allows to make a reserve for a drinkable water consumption for 5 days.

Riza Kenya

It limits the use of the generator and the women have access to a faucet to fill(perform) jerry cans.

The water inside the tank can be treated(handled) in case of problem.