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Attic sale MARCH 2012


Auterive et sa région

17/03/2012 | LA DÉPÊCHE DU MIDI

Gazelles empty their attics One attic sales to bring to a successful conclusion projects in Kénya, in Ivory Coast…

gazelle harambee

The collected money will be used to bring to a successful conclusion projects. Ida Calmon, president of the association calls back the objectives of the association: ” the aspiration stay voluntarily in human scale, and are realized in a total transparency. To answer demands(requests) of specific projects, to analyze the reality, the relevance, the feasibility, the duration and the intended pérénité by these demands(requests), to measure the degree of implication of the applicants, to elaborate the projects in agreement with the local authorities representing the government of the country and with the persons in charge of the local communities, to realize the projects in partnership with the implied(involved) populations and the existing local associations, to value the skills and know how to him(it) make communities, quite interdiant the slightest intervention whatever domain it is. ” The balance sheet(assessment) of the year 2011 of the association is trés positive and thus encourage the association to continue its actions(shares). This year, the association supports project for the women: a project of henhouse in Kenya and a project for the widows and the orphans in official list of Ivory. If you wish to know about it a little more: And do not forget to come to make of bargains on Sunday, room Astrugue from 9 hours till 18 hours.