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Objective: Improvement of public health in Benin. Reduce infant and maternal mortality.

Purpose: To increase the quality of care at the ZOUNZOMNE dispensary.

Location: Benin, Department of ZOU, Commune of ABOMEY, village of ZOUNZOMNE.

Duration: 2023

Local partners: Mayor of Abomey, District Chief of Zounzomne, SFSF.

Financial partners: GHA, Surgeon Fish Charity, Engagés Solidaires.

Description of activities: Construction of a roundhouse.

Project status: UNDER STUDY

Summary :

Our association Gazelle Harambee has been present in Benin since 2016 and is developing agreement with local authorities for economic development projects, health public and education. Within the ODDACE program organized in consortium with two other associations (Sages Femmes Sans Frontières and SID Benin) the president of Gazelle Harambee realized several missions in the rural area of ​​Zounzomné.. Following several interventions at the Zounzomné maternity hospital for campaigns vaccinations and deliveries, the observation is simple, a part is sorely lacking indispensable to the dispensary: ​​the rotunda. It is an airy room integrated into the maternity building which allows the organization and carrying out training, consultations and above all vaccination campaigns for toddlers who take place very regularly. All the bush dispensaries have one, that of Zounzomné collapsed there several years old. This additional room turns out to be a place that is both ventilated, sheltered from the sun and the rain. It makes it possible to manage the large population of people present in the maternity ward and effective organization of care.