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Overall objective: Poverty reduction

Specific Objective: Promote social links and economic development in rural areas

Subject: Construction of a village hall with solar lighting of the building and the public square

Location: Benin, Plateau region, Ifangni commune, Whégbé village

Duration: 2021

Local partners: AJEDD, Chief of the village of Whégbé

Financial partners: GHA

Description of activities: Construction and solar lighting of the hall and the square.

Project status: 


We are responding to the request of the villagers of Whégbé. They had started to build a hall but the drop in economic activity impacted by the Covid led to the stopping of this construction momentum. These village halls, often built in a strategic location in the village, allow people to organize the small daily local market sheltered from the sun but also from the rain. Trainings or ceremonies can also be organized there. Young people have a place to meet.