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ODDACE program in consortium SFSF, GHA, SID.

Objective: To reduce poverty. Improve public health

Subject: Installation of the water and sanitation system of the MIMA training center.

Location: Benin, Commune of Abomey, District of Zonzoumné, MIMA training center.

Duration: 2021/ 2022

Local partners: Abomey Town Hall, Zounzomné District, ENEC Company.

Financial partners: GHA, SFSF, Toulouse Métropole, Adour Garonne Water Agency. Project


Following a month-long exploratory mission to Benin in January 2021 and numerous meetings, the MIMA project or “sharing” in the Fon language was co-structured into an associative consortium: Gazelle Harambee Association (GHA), Solidarité Initiative Développement – Benin (SID-Benin) and Midwives Without Borders (SFSF).

Our project is to create a training center for all in order to offer communities: training sessions on themes related to the Sustainable Development Goals (Contraception, water, health, hygiene, education, climate, poverty reduction).

Gazelle Harambee, who already has the expertise and skills of 4 PEAs in Benin, is in charge of the “water and sanitation component”. To make the MIMA training center operational and up to standard, we have to rehabilitate a building without water or electricity.

Installation of a PEA, installation of the rainwater network, the cistern, interior sanitary facilities. Construction of outdoor toilets and ramps for outdoor drinking water taps.