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HELP for the Compassion Madagascar association

Objective: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

Purpose: To provide emergency food aid to the population of a village.

Location: South of Madagascar. Ambovombe region. Ambazoa village.

Duration: 2015

Local partner: Malagasy Association “Compassion Madagascar”

Finantial partner: GHA

Description of activities: Distribution of specific emergency food rations for children in great distress and distribution of bags of rice, oil and bags of dry beans.


  • In the South of Madagascar, the drought is terrible in 2015 and isolated villages are the first affected. This phenomenon of great drought leading to famine is repeated approximately every 10 years. In order to say stop to Kéré (famine) and quickly help the inhabitants of Ambazoa of the District of Ambovombe, we have therefore joined a Malagasy association: Compassion Madagascar. Their representatives Sylvie and Elodie (doctors) went to the site as quickly as possible with essential food. Some children benefited from emergency nutrition and rehydration products.

Some only ate ash mixed with crushed cactus.

To this day, there are still 3,000 severely malnourished children in and around this village. An assessment of the situation was made, in order to imagine a sustainable project in this village and to eliminate the episodes of famine (approximately every 10 years). We hope to undertake substantive work to establish a long-term plan and bring concrete solutions to this region.