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The Association


Gazelle Harambee n°W 311001865 is a french laic and apolitic association law 1901, opened to all.


The association law 1901 ” Gazelle 7/7 Harambee * ” was created on November 30th, 2008 to Auterive 31190 by several friends to collect funds to support the participation of Ida Calmon and Florence Cazanobe in the sports Rally ” Aicha des Gazelles “.

*Harambee: Work together in Swahili language

In 2010, far from the motor racing, the association took another way to support humanitarian and development projects in Africa and more particularly in Kenya where Florence had worked voluntarily, after several formations at Bioforce Institute.

A new team has been set up and several members joined the association.

Then, modestly “Gazelle Harambee”, new title simplified of the association, started its projects at the begining of 2011 in Kenya in Maassai and Kikuyu areas.

Today in 2019 the bureau is structured with a strong team, and the projects continue to be developed in Kenya and in Benin .