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Registred in France, n° W 311001865 .

Gazelle Harambee is a french neutral and apolitic association law 1901 opened to everybody.

All the members are volonters and its operation is governed by its status.


The association law 1901 ” Gazelle 7/7 Harambee * ” was created on November 30th 2008 at Auterive 31190,  by a group of friends with aim to gather ressouces to support the participation of Ida Calmon and Florence Cazanobe in the sports Rally ” Aicha des Gazelles “.

*Harambee: Work together in Swahili language

From 2010, GAZELLE HARAMBEE, association’s new title, became a humanitarian association and started non-profit projects in Africa. 

TODAY in 2020

 The board is structured with a strong team, and the projects continue to be developed in Africa.