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Objective: Improve safety and education in the Samburu community of Loruko.

Subject: Bringing sunlight to the village at 3 specific points.

Location: Kenya, Samburu County, Loruko community.

Duration: 2023 Local partners: Samburu Deputy Governor, Village Chiefs.

Funding Partners: GHA Project


During our stay in Kenya, we are welcomed by the community of Loruko. This very isolated Samburu community mourns the loss of its domestic animals every year. They are victims either of thefts or of attacks by cheetahs or lionesses. On the other hand, children have no light in the evening to do their homework.


The solution is simple, 3 solar streetlights are placed to illuminate sensitive areas as well as the center of the village.


A powerful solar panel placed on a roof provides electricity to a ramp of sockets that will allow the charging of mobile phones. They are the only quick link to notify the authorities in the event of a security problem but also in the event of a medical emergency.