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Objective: Protection of local biodiversity and limitation of human-animal conflicts

Purpose: Create green zones by reforesting 47 villages and 2 public places (local markets) and limit the unreasonable collection of firewood by organizing workshops to manufacture improved stoves (Jiko). Organize the watering of herds and wild animals with the construction of protective walls around 4 water points (sources) and the construction of 4 independent outdoor pools. Protect communities and wild animals, by limiting human / Wildlife conflicts by setting up 10 anti-predator barriers (leds) and 1 solar-powered elephant barrier (electric). Increase the standard of living of young people and women by setting up economic projects and through targeted training (Moringa and Beekeeping) Sensitizing the young generation to the preservation of their environment through environmental workshops in 10 public schools, plantations and nurseries (Nature Clubs).

Location: Kenya Sub County of loitokitok, Kimana area.

Duration: 2014/2015/2016

Local partners: Ministry of Agriculture Kenya, Ministry of Education, ACC CBO, Local Communities and Ranching Groups.

Financial partners: GHA, MAN & NATURE.

Project status: COMPLETED.

  • We worked with the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of Loitokitok, from his concept note in order to limit the greenhouse effect and the loss of forests in the Amboséli region. Following his request, and accompanied by the local CBO ACC and the communities concerned, we have listed the strategic locations in a large area on several Group Ranches (set of parcels of land grouped together). It was decided to rehabilitate 4 water points in order to protect the sources. Around each of them a basin is provided to allow watering of herds during the day and numerous wild animals at night (Zebras, elephants, etc.)