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OCTOBER 2015 Ground visit in Benin

We spent more than two weeks in Benin et come back happy to see that all projects started one year ago are well


A short visit to the French Embassy, then we go to Njegou Nagot village.

What a pleasure to see again the villagers and the children from the school ….

The water from the driiling is excellent and drinkable, as evident we drink it all along our stay in the village.


GHA Projet Forage Djegou Nagot 2015 Bénin

GHA Projet Forage Djegou Nagot 2015 Bénin

We went to see the Dan village and also Zongodo village to meet their leaders and the villagers in order to determine the

next projects.



Nice meeting with the women :

those from the Mi No Pô cooperative with the new engines at Djégou Nagot.


GHA Projet Mi No Pô Djégou Nagot 2015 Bénin

GHA Project Mi No Pô Djégou Nagot 2015 Bénin


And those from « Ma Joie » bénéficiairies from micro- credits at Abomey Calavi



GHA Projet Micro crédit Abomey Calavi "Ma Joie" Bénin 2015

GHA Project Micro crédit Abomey Calavi “Ma Joie” Bénin 2015


Then we went to the North and visited Bassila in an exploratory mission for a future environmental, economical and

social project.


GHA Forêt sacrée de Kikélé 2015 Bénin

GHA Forest Kikélé 2015 Benin