Site de Gazelle Harambee


Our objective:

Contribute to helping the most vulnerable, supporting and promoting their sustainable development projects while respecting people, their culture and their environment.

Our mission:

Set up humanitarian aid projects (water, health, food security), economic development (empowerment of women), social assistance (education, training) and environmental preservation, concrete, solidarity, lasting and quickly autonomous by responding to requests from local communities.

Our know-how, our actions:

Analyze the reality, relevance, feasibility, duration and future sustainability of these requests.
Measure the degree of involvement and ownership of projects by applicants.
Develop projects in agreement with civil authorities, community leaders and existing local associations.
Ensure the development, management, monitoring and evaluation of projects.
Use local structures and skills to set up training adapted to the needs and empowerment of projects.
Integrate the process of leaving the association for the benefit of appropriate local self-management.
Promote and communicate about our donor partners.

Our values:

Our projects are carried out in total transparency. We refrain from the slightest interference, we value the skills and know-how of the communities we support. Our help is one-off and must not create dependency.

Our fields of activity: