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MAY 2013 New slab for Olmoti school !!


New paving stone for Olmoti school

We started urgently, the last year, the rehabilitation of this school, providing desks, scholar stationery and uniforms.

Now, Olmoti school has, at least, a new paving stone. Finish desks which fall over and the children going down in the dust. A small edge protect the classroom from water channels during the rainy season. Works started with measurements, then a new paving stone is done and after dry it, a picture with all the happy team has been taken with the school responsible, the GHA responsible…

AMREF will build toilets and we will joined water point of the communauty by a pipe line to the school in order that children will be able to get access to drinkable water and water for hygienic basis.

The most important problem for this community was the safety of kids who have no other choice than walking along 10 kilometers to reach the nearest school. This distance was not the most important problem but crossing the bush was very dangerous, because this community is located close to the National Amboseli Park and many wild beast lions, hyenas, elephants, etc. roam around.