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MARSH 2011 The Attic sale !!

On Sunday, 13 Mars 2011

Everybody is on a war footing!!

The attic sale has to be a success!!

We open doors at 8:30 am and up to the closure near 18 hours we are going to play the trader for the good cause!!

So that everything is ready the team is in action(share) since the day before,

To prepare stands and to sell it is easy and pleasant…

Lug around cardboards and bags full of our finds,

That it is of the sport!!


The worst they are books, cardboards are heavy and we have it tens …

Each and each the speciality, knickknacks, books, clothes, dishes, frames,

Toys, linen, furniture, jewels.

It is a tidal wave, we are exhausted but satisfied with the result.

We count our 2€ rooms(parts,plays) .. the recipe is consequent!!


The bet is won !!

Projectors go out and we finish aching feet, hoarse back, broom in the hand!!!!


Merci à tous et RV au prochain vide grenier.