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Help feeding LEMONGO school (Kenya)

Objective : To restrict kids’malnutrition and absenteeism in school linked to the drought.

GAZELLE HARAMBEE Food emergency Lemongo school 2011 (Kenya)

Object: Food supply for 110 children from primary school.

Localization: Kenya, District Enkaria, Lemongo area, Lemongo primary school.

Duration : 2011 (October /November)

Partners: ATEP, Lemongo’s committee school, Mister Semperia chief of District.

Description of activities : Purchase of maize, beans, vegetal oil and delivering



  • Following the help’s request from Mr. Peter Semperia, Enkaria District’s chief (Kimana), received middle of september 2011, GHA Started an emergency food help for the Lemongo primary school located around the National Amboseli Park. Following an information campain, collected funds from GHA members have been transferred to Kenya.They were used to buy maize and beans bags as well as food oil in order to organize a canteen for 110 children of this school. Each kid received a warm meal every day at school up to the end of school year 2011. This project has been realized in parternship with ATEP (group of young Maasai) who took in charge logistic on spot voluntarily. Mr. Mwangi, the school ‘s responsible send us an official thank-you letter validating the reception of goods.