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FLORENCE CAZANOBE PRESIDENT is a State-registered nurse from the Purpan’ Hospital in Toulouse, but also a painter and a sculptress as well as a great traveler ! Her first experience was in South America where she organized a “People’s dispensary » in a village of the Andes Cordillera (Peru). She attended several trainings such as Bioforce and Humacoop in International solidarity, as well as a beekeeping training at the Syndicat Apicole Méridional (SAM). Since 10 years, she works on projects in Africa and since 2010 she manages the Gazelle Harambee Association ‘s projects in Kenya and in Benin.She participates for the safeguard and preservation of primates in the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC), with JACK and LAJA associations.

VALERIE VERMANDER VICE PRESIDENT is Doctor Veterinary, graduated from the National school of Veterinary and from the Medicine Faculty of Toulouse. She started first in the veterinary medicine practices, exclusively rural and equinus, then trough the emergency medicine in the Maritimes Alps with vacations at the Nice’s Zoo. In 1994, she create her veterinary clinic and works in medicine and chirurgy for pets.

JEAN PIERRE DELSOL SECRETARY has a doctorate in “Remote sensing and plant ecology” from the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, as well as in “Geography and regional planning” from the University of Paris VIII. He has spent his entire career abroad, in the Maghreb, Mashreq, West and East Africa. He notably worked 5 years as a technical advisor to the Kenya Rangelands Ecological Monitoring Unit (KREMU), which is now the Department of Resources Surveys and Remote Sensing (DRSRS) in Nairobi. He was also an Associate Professor at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand which led him to do numerous missions in South East Asia as well as on the Indian continent (Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and India). Before returning to France, he was, for four years, French Director of the Thai-French Innovation Institute (TFII) of King Mongkut University North Bangkok (KMUTNB).

AGNES DUCOUT SECRETARY is graduated from the National Centre for Movie’s Technics (CNTC). She is today a business woman manager in Paris, she also participates for the creation of theatrical costumes. Specialist in embroidery, she takes an avid interest for traditional pearl’s works, especially those in Africa. She is a scuba diving fanatic and goes all over the globe’s seas…

PASCALE MAFFRE TRESURER is a Human resources manager Missler Software company, she worked for a long time in the chartered accountancy.  She is a relentless sportswoman, always ready to meet challenges.

She spent her childhood travelling around Africa, and has a personal connection to this continent

ISABELLE FANTINI  MEMBERS RESPONSIBLE  is awarded a diploma by a MASTER DEGREE of Private law of the Faculty of law of Toulouse, as well as by the IEJUC of  the ITH. She lived during several years in Argentina where she worked on the French alliance. Formerly jurist and business manager, her is corrective of manuscripts today. Fascinated art under all her forms, she is also very sports and practical the dance for a long time.

JOHANNE CAZANOBE CONTRACTS RESPONSIBLE is a nottary  in a Toulouse office. She obtained her Master 2 in University of Law of Toulouse and follow the Notary school. Rigorous she brings her expertise in projects files. since always she likes to travel backpack. Sporty an dynamic she has allready developed an accomplished trooter globe.

Technical manager of GHA in Kenya: Esther Muriithi, originally from Nyéri Esther started a life as a high level athlete in track and field (she was nominated for the Beijing Olympics), while in graduate school.

In France, she joined the Club de Balma and becomes several times champion of France of middle distance. She continued her medical studies and graduated before working at the Toulouse University Hospital in paliative care for a few years.

She later obtained her Masters in Public Health and works in Humanitarian aid. She is currently training in “Humanitarian Project Management ” at BIO FORCE in Lyon

Young, strong-willed woman, dynamic and a bit adventurous Esther is ready to take up any challenge.


JEANETTE JAMES COMMUNICATION RESPONSIBLE IN WORD SPORT is a scuba diving supervisor and instructor (Paddy) and  instructor in motor racing (BPJEPS 4×4). She participates in motor racings well known from the general public, twice winner of the Aicha Rallye Gazelles among others, she is team manager and high level sport coach. She travelled extensively on the African continent several times.





AJEDD Association since 2014Porto Novo area, IFANGNI County.


 DANIEL OKE is awarded a diploma by the Faculty of Science and Technology of Abomey Calavi in Benin.He has a Master of biology and he is formative in agricultural and animal production.It is an enthusiast of Agro-ecologie. He is the president of AJEDD, an association for the sustainable development. 

GHA manager in Atlantique County in Benin:

Mieke Van Doren is a Flemish entrepreneur. After working in cosmetics for 20 years, she founded the Borabeau Art Gallery in Belgium. Today she lives in Benin with her husband where they have set up a cultural space for creative arts. They exhibit and promote the work of young Beninese talents. Woman of action, entrepreneur and sparkling, Mieke is involved with us in the economic development of groups of village women in Benin.

GHA translator in Benin:

Arielle GNIMASSOU is a student at the National School of Applied Economics and Management (ENEAM) in Cotonou. She wants to become a chartered accountant. Very involved in the economic future of women in her country, she offers us her help on economic development projects for groups of women in rural areas. She speaks French, English, Fon and Mina and has a perfect command of a large number of computer software. Arielle is dynamic, bright and able to organize training in local languages ​​which is a considerable asset for our association.


GHA manager since 2018 Mister ISAAC MAINA

Isaac Maina is a Cheminal analyst who live at Nairobi and works at TWIGA CHemical Industries LTD.

He is responsible for overseeing GHA projects in the field as well as managing accounts locally.


Since 2011 to 2017