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Objective: Limit child malnutrition and absenteeism at school.

Subject: Construction of a school kitchen.

Location: Benin, Porto Novo Region, Plateau Municipality, Ifangni Town Hall, Gbénonkpo Village.

Duration: 2019

Financial partners: GHA, Fondation Engagés Solidaires. Aviva Company.

Local partners: AJEDD, Head of the Village, Director of the school, Parents’ group.

Project status: COMPLETED

Following the drilling carried out by GHA in this school, the Directors and the parents of the students ask us to help them build a hard kitchen room with in addition, a room for the reserve, a pass exterior dishes and construction of 2 improved fireplaces. The building will be painted, plastered and secured.

 November 2019:

Construction has started, it is based on an existing wall. It will make it possible to prepare midday meals in good conditions. This village and this school benefited in 2018 from a drilling by GHA. This year the government is providing essential commodities in a public health program (rice, beans, oil).

the school vegetable garden should provide some additional vegetables and fruit.