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Objective: Improve public health through access to drinking water.

Subject: The construction of a drinking water borehole for a rural population of 1,200 inhabitants, including 400 school children.

Location: Benin. Porto Novo region. Municipality of Ifangni. GBENOKPO village

Duration: 2018/2019

Local partners: AJEDD, School committee, Village chief.

Financial partners: Committed Solidarity, Surgeon Fish Charity, GHA.

Project status: COMPLETED

Following the request of the inhabitants of Gbenokpo and the Beninese association AJEDD, we undertook the study of a borehole at the village school. A technical feasibility study is carried out to ensure the presence of water on the ground and the various strata to be crossed during drilling. At the end of the installation, a village water committee will be able to take care of the management and maintenance of the project. The water will be sold at a low price to the population and will remain free for the public school. An educational vegetable garden will be set up by our Beninese partner AJEDD.

July 2018: The drilling is completed, the water is rising from 58 meters, analyzes are in progress.

August and September 2018:

The analyzes of the collected water are excellent, the services under construction, one for the school yard, one for the school’s vegetable garden and one for the village distribution.

October 2018

The GHA team is in the field, a wonderful welcome is reserved for us at the village school of Gbénonkpo.

The children and women of the village welcome us by singing and then comes the time for speeches of thanks.

Everyone agrees to keep the borehole in working order.

It is a beautiful completed project that will be monitored by our local partner, the AJEDD association, which supervises the organization for the first year with a view to the perfect empowerment of the project.