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Objective: Improvement of public health in Benin. Reduce infant and maternal mortality.

Purpose: To increase the quality of care at the DAAGBE dispensary.

Location: Benin, Municipality of Ifangni, village of DAAGBE 6 ° 34’31”N / 2 ° 41’51 ’’ E

Duration: 2019/2020/2021

Local partners: AJEDD, Mayor of Ifangni, Head of the dispensary.

Financial partners: GHA, Surgeon Fish Charity.

Description of activities: Partial renovation of buildings and supply of essential defective equipment.

Project status: IN PROGRESS

The health problem in Benin is the result of several facts: a lack of infrastructure, functional medical equipment and a lack of nursing staff. The geographic remoteness of some populations, as well as their level of poverty, deprive them of access to health care. A lack of basic hygiene also promotes the spread of common diseases and many pathologies could be greatly reduced thanks to village information days. The bush clinics were mostly built in the 1960s and have not been or only partially renovated. Some do not have access to electricity or running water. They sell medicines and deliver first aid, they also act as a maternity hospital. Infant mortality remains very high in Benin.

Our Gazelle Harambee association has drilled 4 drinking water wells in certain villages that depend on this dispensary and hopes to be able to drill others to cover this area and that of the neighboring dispensary of Djegou Djédjé.

November 2019: Visit of the dispensary and discussion with officials

This dispensary is dilapidated. It would be necessary to urgently buy a refrigerator to store vaccines.

There is an arbor in the courtyard. Once renovated, it would make it possible to be both a shaded waiting room where one could also organize training or information campaigns and vaccinations.

The DAAGBE dispensary is in the center of 4 important villages: DAAGBE DJEDJE, LOKOKOUKOU, ADAMAY, DAAGBE NAGOT. It was built over 40 years ago and the maternity ward over 25 years ago. They receive the sick from other villages as well.

January 2020:

The fridge freezer arrives at the dispensary, thanks to it, the products will be protected and the ice packs for transporting vaccines will be available.