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COLLEGE”Studies nerver stop”ODDACE Program

ODDACE PROGRAM in consortium with SFSF and SID Benin.

Objective: Support for education.

Purpose: To limit absenteeism and the interruption of secondary education among rural youth.

Location: Benin, Department of Zou, Municipality of Abomey, Arrondissement of Zoungbodomé.

Duration: February to September  2022

Financial partners: GHA, Fondation Engagés Solidaires.

Local partners: Abomey Town Hall, The Director of the school, The Parents’ Group.

Project statusCOMPLETED

In Adingningon CEG, students come from surrounding rural villages. Highly motivated teachers and students in this CEG lack resources (books, school materials).

The objective of GHA Gazelle Harambee is to prevent school dropout, especially that of girls, and to help the teaching staff and the 500 students, with technical and practical assistance.

This project in the ODDACE program will also benefit from the intervention of SFSF Sages Femmes Sans Frontières which will provide SRH (Sexual and Reproductive Health) courses so that young girls are informed of the risk of dropping out of school due to an early pregnancy not desired.

The local association SID Benin, third partner of the ODDACE program, will relay our activities throughout the year.

From February to September 2022:

Meeting with the teaching staff and students at the CEG (500 students).

The development of the library begins, the teachers will fill the shelves with all the books of the Beninese school program.

They will benefit from school materials for middle school and high school courses, especially for chemistry and physics.

The Sexual and Reproductive Health courses given by representatives of Midwifery Without Borders will take place throughout the school year from 5th grade onwards with appropriate equipment as well as targeted screenings for all young people and their teachers. Young girls must be able to avoid early unwanted pregnancies and have as much chance as boys to continue their studies. Delphine (President of SFSF) starts the first lesson, the girls have a lot of questions and their teacher is happy with this support.

ODDACE Program