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GAZELLE HARAMBEE Projet "ATHP" 2011 (Kenya)

GAZELLE HARAMBEE Projet “ATHP” 2011 (Kenya)

Objective: Increase the level of life for young adults living in the surroundings of Kimana town.

Object: Development of a market garden economical activity for young Maasai belonging to “ATEP group” .

Localization : Kenya – Amboseli.

Duration: 2011 (Oct 2011 / Oct 2012)

Partners : ATEP group is now a Limited Company called MHI (Maasai Harambee International)

Description of activities : Market garden on 2 acres and half.

Status of the project: Finished and autonomous.

GAZELLE HARAMBEE Projet "ATHP" 2011 (Kenya)

GAZELLE HARAMBEE Projet “ATHP” 2011 (Kenya)

Following a request for help from a group of Young Maasai, called ATEP, from Amboseli region ; we studied and corrected also, with them their market garden project wich started at the beginning of October 2011.

It extends on 2,5 acres near Kimana town.

In a first step, this project help to an economical development of this rural area in a community traditionally cattlemen.

It provide employments to youngs and also to several members of surroundings communities, and give prospect for the future for a smal group of young people.

In a second step, this group of youngs is a leverage for humanitarian help and development of this area.

They commit themselves in the coordination and realization of others projects in partnership with us.

This project is promising and it is in compliance with previous expectances.

Its rigorous management allowed it, from its second phase to be autonomous.

Today it is in the fourth phase (rhythm of plantings and harvests).

It will evolved by diversifying plantations and to become, we hope that, toward an agriculture more biological.