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Agricultural Cooperative « Mi Nô Pô » (Benin)


Objective : To facilitate the empowerment of women and increase their level of live.

Object: To develop a smal agricultural cooperative for the women.

Localization: Benin

Duration : 2015

Partners : The women’s group « Mi No Po », AJEDD partner association, Djégou Nagot’s chief of village and pastor.

Description of activities : Mecanization of agricultural work for cassava and palm tree red oil .

Status: On going.


In the village of Djégou Nagot, about twenty women have come together to develop a vegetable garden and the processing of cassava into gari (flavor) as well as the red oil production (palm tree oil’s nut)

Their daily work is difficult because everything is done using traditional techniques without mechanical tools.

They meet them several time per week to join their efforts but the yields stagnate.



Cassava processing into gari (cassava flour)

The organization of a small cooperative with first neccessity engines will help them to have better profits and will reduce the painfull of this daily work.

The choice concerns engines which will replace the longest work for the women, such as the tireless trampling of oil palm tree’ s remnants and the cassava’s roots crashing.