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Water Djegou Nagot (Benin)

Objective : To improve public health

Object: To give drinking water for a population of 1500 people

Localization: Benin . Porto Novo region. Djégou Nagot village

Duration: 2014

Partners: AJEDD, school committee, Chief of the village

Finantials Partners: Surgeon Fish Charity and  GHA

Description of activities: Forage, water tower, water distribution system.

Status of the projet: FINISHED


Following the request of villagers and AJEDD association, we have undertaken a forage’s realization in the Djégou Nagot’s village primary courtyard.

An exploratory mission has been done and a technical feasibility study asked in order to be sure of the water presence in the ground.

The forage has been done by a beninese enterprise and has allowed the precious water to spurt out at the beginning of July.

The population of around 1500 will beneficiate of drinking water at a very low cost, this way will permit to have a money reserve and to insure the maintenance task of the installations.

The school beneficiates the water free of charge for the children and for the food preparation.

A vegetable garden is planed in the second period.