Site de Gazelle Harambee


Our objective:

To contribute in Africa to help the most vulnerable people, to share and promote their sustainable developing projects while respecting people, their culture and the environment.

Our mission:

To set up solidarity, concrete, sustainable development’s projects, rapidly autonomous in responding to requests coming from local communities.

Our know-how, our actions:

  • To analyse reality, relevance, feasibility, duration and sustainability of these requests.
  • To measure the projects’ level of involvement and ownership by the applicants.
  • To develop projects with the agreement of civil autorities, communities’ responsibles and existing local associations.
  • To ensure the development, the piloting and the monitoring of the projects.
  • To use structures and local compentencies to set up trainings adapted to project’s needs and empowerment.
  • To integrate the association ‘s exit process for the benefit of an adapted local self-management.
  • To highlight and communicate on our sponsors.

Our values:

Our aspirations stay voluntarily on an human scale and carried out in a complete transparency.

We are stopping ourselves any interference in any area.

We increase the skills and the know-how of communities that we support.

Our help is limited and should not generate a dependence.